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Canadian Drone Laws 2019

WWFC Associate Manager, Sarah Spry talks about the new Canadian drone laws that came into affect this year. Watch the video for details!

How are drones being used for pipeline inspections?

Drone operators in sectors that range from agriculture to construction have quantified the difference this technology can make to the bottom line, yet the benefits of the technology are especially apparent in large-scale infrastructure projects with high regulatory burdens and high consequences if something goes wrong. Examples of these […] Click here to view original […]

4 Ways Drones are Being Used in Maritime and Offshore Services

Predictions about the billions of dollars that drone technology represents are as pervasive as they are extreme. Drone industry experts are currently tracking over 75 firms that offer drone market reports or forecasts of some type, all of which offer various opinions and numbers around what sort of an […] Click here to view original […]

Solar Powered UAV Market PEST Analysis, Growth by Top Companies, Trends by Types and Application, Forecast to 2027

Solar Powered UAV Market The solar powered UAV uses solar cells for improved flight range and enhanced endurance. The market is still at a nascent stage, and the major players are continuously involved in the developments and launches of newer models. Positive outlook from the government and military sector […] Click here to view original […]